The beautiful brick exterior your building is known for is now covered with unsightly graffiti, and you couldn’t be more frustrated.

Your feelings are warranted, as graffiti is destructive, costly, and sends the message that your community isn’t concerned about its neighborhoods’ appearance.

The good news? Dry ice blasting can help you to remove graffiti without causing damage to your building. Here’s a rundown on the top seven benefits of using this type of blasting to remove graffiti.

Let’s dig in!

1. Secondary Waste Avoided

One of the major benefits of dry ice blasting is that secondary waste isn’t generated during this process.

This type of blasting dissolves dirt/grime and paint, so very little cleanup is needed afterward. That’s because the ice evaporates once it gets to room temperature, which means no debris or residue is left behind.

A few paint chips might need to be cleaned up, but this process is clean overall. You can simply sweep up the material instead of rinsing it away, which may pollute waterways and, in turn, harm the environment (more on this later).

Because this ice blasting process doesn’t produce much waste, this will ultimately cut down on your labor costs.

2. Damage Avoided

Another benefit of graffiti removal using dry ice is that the process won’t damage the structure you’re trying to clean up.

Blasting involves forcing dry ice out at a high rate of speed. You may instantly think that this process will damage items that are delicate, but this is not true.

That’s because blasting offers a non-abrasive and gentle way to clean various types of material, ranging from metal to wood, stone, and brick. In other words, there’s no need to be concerned about leaving marks behind on your equipment after you have finished cleaning it.

As a result, you can keep architectural features undamaged and intact through this method. This means you can expect the structure you’re blasting to maintain its original texture and color.

Because blasting preserves a structure’s original surface, it’s the perfect solution for restoring historical artifacts in particular. Likewise, you can use it on fragile machinery or equipment, as it won’t break it.

You may also use this blasting process on any electrical equipment, such as wires. That’s because this equipment is not conductive and, therefore won’t be damaged during the ice blasting process.

3. Effectiveness

Yet another reason to choose dry ice for graffiti removal is that it actually works.

This method removes graffiti more thoroughly than traditional methods, like soda blasting and pressure washing, do. In addition, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of chemically treating, scraping, or sanding surfaces that are covered with graffiti.

For these reasons, blasting with dry ice remains the industry’s leading technology today.

4. Efficiency

You may also want to choose blasting with dry ice due to this process’s efficiency.

Performed with a wand, this type of blasting is nearly instantaneous. During the process, a professional will eject pellets of carbon dioxide using special equipment. The pellets will then take the form of a gas.

This reaction will end up loosening graffiti paint layers on the surface you’re attempting to clean up.

This innovative process, which requires just one spray application, is generally much easier and faster to complete than other DIY techniques. These other DIY approaches include scrubbing with water and industrial cleaners. They also include sandblasting, which usually requires several rounds to eliminate painted graffiti along with surface grease or dirt.

5. Undesirable Smells Avoided

You’ll also love the fact that blasting with dry ice won’t leave behind unwanted smells.

This is because you’re not utilizing harsh chemicals to get the job done, so no smell is produced. Likewise, a harmful residue won’t be left behind, so there’s no need to worry about hazmat issues.

6. Environmental Friendliness

Another key benefit of blasting with dry ice is that it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This means it is safe for everybody.

Because this dry ice process isn’t harmful, it can be applied in both commercial and domestic settings where damaged structures need to be restored.

The reason why this blasting process is so safe is that it does not involve the use of dangerous chemicals. Still, it is best to hire a professional to handle this process to avoid injuring others and yourself.

7. No Need for Disassembling Equipment

With blasting using dry ice, you won’t have to worry about disassembling equipment.

When equipment needs to undergo a detailed cleaning, you often have to take the equipment apart. This task can be time consuming. In addition, a piece of the equipment may break in the process, or you might put the equipment back together incorrectly.

When you use dry ice equipment, it is not necessary to disassemble it to perform a thorough cleaning. Instead, the equipment can easily be cleaned while intact.

How We Can Help with Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting offers several benefits, including the fact that it is both effective and efficient. This type of process is also environmentally friendly and won’t damage the surfaces you are trying to remove graffiti from.

At Raw Restoration Blasting, we take pride in offering top-tier graffiti removal services using dry ice. We have made many of our clients’ surfaces look brand new through our streamlined dry ice cleaning processes.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our dry ice graffiti removal services, and receive a quote today!