Can Dry Ice Blasting Help With Graffiti Removal?

Did you know that the yearly cost of detecting, finding, removing, and cleaning graffiti damage in the United States has been estimated to be between $15 and $18 billion? While some people view graffiti as art, others see it as a business menace. Not only may offensive graffiti damage expensive building walls, but it can also

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The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting, Explained

Keeping equipment and machinery clean is important to ensure they work properly and last a long time. But cleaning options such as sandblasting or water blasting aren't ideal, and cleaning items using solvents can be time-consuming and messy.  That's where dry ice blasting comes in.  As a safe and effective way of washing your equipment, dry ice blasting offers a superior

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Explaining Dry Ice Blasting for Beginners

What is dry ice? Well, in short, dry ice is carbon dioxide in its solid-state. It is usually employed as a cooling agent, but it is also used in many other applications. These applications include fog machines in theaters to create dramatic effects and preserve frozen foods, such as ice cream when mechanical chilling is not

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All About Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a process that uses dry ice and air to remove unwanted material and leaves a clean surface free of any contaminant. Our blog will help spark ideas about all the ways Raw Restoration Blasting can help restore your surface in a non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-conductive manner. Get your quote today!

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